Graduate Support

At Franklin Vets, we are committed to building a strong, engaged team that creates value for our clients. We have a reputation for expertise in problem-solving and preventative veterinary medicine programmes. This ensures we build long term, trusted relationships with our client base.

For six full days per year, graduates are taken out of the day to day work environment and participate as a group in a structured programme, with graduates from Vetent. This has been specifically designed to address many of the issues where Franklin Vets and Vetent have identified new graduates need support.

The Support Programme is facilitated by a team of senior experienced veterinary practitioners from within Franklin Vets and Vetent. First-year graduates are exposed to case studies and interactive sessions covering topics such as certification, supersession, communication, and health and safety.

Professional development components include “talk the talk” or learning about farm business as well as “the approach” to many of the routine, seasonal clinical situations that graduates will face in their first year of clinical practice.

External, professional support is contributed by health specialists and financial experts. Veterinary specialists are involved at the combined first and second-year sessions to cover detailed veterinary professional development topics such as ophthalmology, dermatology, endocrinology and orthopaedic surgery.

Second-year graduates present a case study or literature review and offer support by way of sharing their experiences and ideas learnt from their first year in clinical practice.

Hear from vets who started with us as new graduates