Dry cow consults


While the spring calving cows are just getting into their groove and about to hit peak lactation levels, it is time for the autumn calving herds to start thinking about drying off.

For you to be able to collect your dry cow treatment you will first need to have a Dry Cow Consultation with your vet. This is a good chance for us to sit down with you over a cup of tea and a biscuit and discuss how the past season has been mastitis wise and to come up with a solid plan for drying off the herd to take them through to calving in autumn in the best shape possible.

This will set them up for a good following season by 1. Eliminating as many subclinical cases as possible, and stopping them from being carried over to next year and, 2. Reducing the number of dry period and early season mastitis cases.

There are a number of different dry cow and teat seal options available to us. Looking retrospectively over the past seasons, we can tailor a treatment plan specific to your farm, meaning we are only using antibiotics where they are needed as well as getting the best cure rates and most efficient use of money for you.

Book in with your vet now for your yearly dry cow consult to ensure a smooth dry period and the best start to the autumn calving period.