Why Wait? Submit cycling cows earlier

heat detection

With the official first day of spring just gone, many of you will be stocking up on your tail paint, lining up your bulls and making the last tweaks to your repro plan. Before you set your repro plan in stone, we have a trick up our sleeve that has a whole lot of rewards, with low input.

Don’t you hate it when you are all set for your planned start of mating and then a bunch of the girls cycle a few days before (usually your best)? Now you have to wait 3 weeks before putting them up for mating. We are here to ask you – Why Wait? There are ways and means to get her up to the plate sooner.

The Why Wait is a simple program that allows cycling cows to be submitted for mating earlier, than if left to their own rhythm.

The benefits are many:

  • Improved 3-week submission rate
  • More days in milk which equals more cha-ching for your pocket – who doesn’t want more cha-ching
  • Better early submission rate for next season.

How does it work?:

There is some pre-mating prep work that needs to be done – tail painting and heat detection.

All cows are tail painted 2 weeks prior to PSM. All cows that cycle in the first week after tail paint are identified and injected with PG, 2 days before PSM. All cows that cycle in the second week after tail paint, are injected with PG 7 days after PSM. Cows are inseminated to heat detection.

It is simple yet very effective, allowing you to reap the rewards.

Contact your local Franklin Vets clinic for more information.

Why Wait? Diagram