What is a parvo titre test & why should I do it?

Puppies in for parvo test

Those of you with 6-month-old puppies may recently have got a text reminder about parvovirus titre testing.

So, what does this mean?

A parvovirus titre test is a diagnostic test that measures the levels of protective antibodies for parvovirus circulating in the blood. Parvovirus is an extremely serious disease with a low survival rate and is included in the routine vaccinations that we give all puppies.

Using titre testing to check for an effective immune response following the completion of the first series of puppy vaccinations is applicable for all puppies. Not all individuals respond to vaccination in the normal way for a variety of reasons.

A titre test, performed approximately two weeks after the final vaccination, can provide a clear indication that immunisation was successful, and if not the pup should be revaccinated, perhaps with an alternative vaccine type. Testing should then be repeated to see if further vaccination is required. Titre testing is the only way to ensure that a puppy has developed an effective immune response following vaccination.

In time, we believe that titre testing will become a routine part of puppy care, ensuring that all pups have responded effectively to their first series of vaccinations.

Please note that a positive result from this testing does not replace the need for your pet to receive a thorough examination by a qualified vet at least once a year. Annual health checks are critically important for detecting, preventing, and treating any diseases or other ailments as early as possible.