Winter hoof care

Hoof cracks in winter

Is your horse having hoof issues this winter? The cold, wet weather can make it difficult to keep up with hoof care and it can be easy to overlook hoof issues before they become a problem.

We recommend picking out the mud and inspecting hooves daily. It is recommended to keep up a routine schedule with your farrier so small cracks do not turn into a problem. Abscesses and sole bruises are more common due to the wet ground softening the sole.

Some measures we recommend preventing your horses from standing in the same muddy areas is to toss your hay in a new spot when possible. You can also add rubber mats or gravel around water troughs.

A supplement we recommend for general hoof care and growth is Hoof Gold which is a good source of vitamins and minerals with biotin. Is your horse up to date on their tetanus vaccination? Now is a good time to check!

Call your vet for advice as soon as you recognize a lameness to start treating early. And your vet will be very appreciative if you have the mud rinsed off before they arrive!

Dr Kendra MacLeod, DVM – Equine Vet at our Pukekohe clinic