Sheep farm

Franklin Vets has provided veterinary services to local sheep farmers for decades. We will work with you to support you in maximising returns from your business.

Our team includes veterinarians, technicians and rural trade managers that work together to offer a complete service.

  • Our Veterinarians work with the rural trade managers to formulate Animal Health Plans with an emphasis on animal health and flock performance.
  • Investigative services into reproductive and growth rate performance.
  • Control programs for fly and lice control, parasite management.
  • Trace element investigations and supplementation programs.
  • Facial eczema (FE) monitoring, prevention and advice services.
  • Advice and assistance on breeding for development of FE tolerance (ramgaurd).
  • Faecal egg counts, drench check programs and full Faecal Egg Count Reduction Tests (FECRT) to monitor individual farm drench resistance. We also provide advice on slowing resistance development and we also work with you to develop management strategies if resistance is found on your property.
  • Ram palpation and blood testing for Brucellosis and ram soundness.

And of course, we look after diagnosis, treatment and control of other animal health conditions with a 24/7 emergency service available.

In addition to the above services, our veterinary technician team can assist by administering animal treatments such as boluses vaccinations and trace elements using our own conveyor.

Our rural trade managers are also available to offer on-farm support on animal remedies and sales. And also a friendly chat about the weather, rugby etc. etc.