Shyla gets her groove back

It is fantastic when we are able to help get lame or broken animals back to being their happy and active selves.

Shyla is a lovely 8 year-old Labrador retriever cross who ruptured her cranial cruciate ligament. This is the most common injury affecting the hindlegs of dogs, and many of you will own dogs who have suffered from it.

Contrary to some beliefs, the ruptured ligament will never heal (we are in the Time of Misinformation!!), and the injury is best treated surgically.

There are a variety of procedures available, but the one that gives the most consistently good results is the TPLO. No one can return an injured joint to a perfect, youthful state, but in the majority of cases, we can get it back functioning again.

Many dogs end up doing both knees (including my own little dog), so surgery on both joints is often required. And again, we normally get them back running and playing on the beach again eventually.

Check out Shyla below, 6months post-surgery. Her Mum sent us this video, and as you can see she is loving life again. Seeing once-broken dogs back running around again wagging tails, is what it’s all about for me .

Paul Eason, Franklin Vets, Pukekohe.