Vet Technicians

Vet techs teatsealing

Our team of veterinary technicians offer a range of services to our commercial farm clients.


The number of heifers being teatsealed before calving is increasing every year as more clients are becoming aware of the benefits of reduced mastitis at calving. Speak to your vet about the benefits of treating your heifers.

Dry Cow Therapy Insertion

Franklin Vets technicians are available for:

  • Insertion of dry cow therapy and Teatseal
  • Training and Supervision of farm staff.

The benefits of using the technician service include:

  • Ensuring the highest hygiene standards are adhered to minimising the risk of deaths following Teatseal insertion
  • Reducing new infection rate at calving and bulk milk SCC at first herd test
  • Decreasing the workload at a busy time of year.
Vet Tech weighing

Heifer Services

We have seen numerous examples of heifers being undergrown and have witnessed the effects on fertility and production.

Very often heifer rearing is a neglected part of dairy farming, yet everyone knows that their heifers are the future of the business!

Franklin Vets offers a range of heifer services:

  • Heifer Health Plus Grazing – complete grazing, treatment and weight monitoring service
  • Heifer Health Plus – you still take care of your grazing and Franklin Vets create and manage an annual customised plan to suit your requirements at a set weekly per head rate
  • Heifer Health – a customised animal health plan with key live weight targets and calendar to provide reminders to carry out key events
  • Technician weighing service – weighing, reporting and Minda entry
  • Entry of weight data to Minda weights
  • Calf Debudding - Franklin Vets uses a combination of sedation and local anaesthetic to debud calves from two weeks of age to ensure a humane and easy process. While sedated, calves are checked for extra teats and given clostridial vaccinations. Many farmers also use the opportunity for tagging, DNA testing and calves can be blood tested for BVD.